Bogoslovsk Aluminium Smelter (BAS)


Results in 2019

1,030 ktpa

total capacity and utilisation rate, 99%

1,017 kt

production level

Construction began in 1941 and first aluminium was produced in 1945. The BAZ alumina refining facility was designed to process highly carbonated bauxites from SUBR (located 37 km from BAZ).

Alumina is the main product supplied from BAZ to the Group’s Metals segment companies.

The facility’s alumina production is based on a paralleled version of the Bayer process, sintering process, and alkaline method.

Aluminium production has been mothballed at BAZ in accordance with the 2012–2013 program for decommissioning inefficient facilities of the Metals segment.

Digester productivity has been increased through a reciprocating piston pump stock upgrade (GEHO and FELUWA units), and the condition of the bauxite slurry heaters has been improved. The productivity of sintering kilns has been increased by lowering slurry moisture.

Development plans

A rotary calcination furnace is scheduled for completion in 2018–2019. The project will enable cost cutting, improving alumina quality, and emissions reduction.

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