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Contributing towards developing local communities

We are dedicated to the development of local communities and aspire to make a positive contribution to the well-being and social life of all the regions where we operate. We invest in community projects that align with local needs and our business activities. Goals and commitments: Goals and commitments:
• To ensure that all communities in operating regions benefit from our presence
• To establish close cooperation with local communities, government agencies, and non-profit organisations.
We have prioritized the goals that relate to urban development, healthy leaving, education and environment while engaging our employees and locals. We believe our efforts build a positive social climate and relationships based on respect, understanding and trust

Key figures

  • allocated for the implementation of projects and activities in the territory of Russia under the programme “Sustainable development of the areas of responsibility”

    USD 53 mn

  • total social investments in 2022

    more than 100 RUB mn

  • invested in the development of skiing infrastructure as part of the ‘Get on Your Skis Everyone’ project

    over 151,000 people

  • became the ‘360’ campaign eco-volunteers over the life of the programme

    more than RUB 41 million

    invested in the ‘Multilabs’ project

Key programmes

Environmental projects

Along with environmental programs in our operations and scientific research, En + Group supports a number of initiatives carried out by local NGOs and residents of the regions. Our environmental initiatives are aimed at preserving the nature of the regions of operations, the rivers of Siberia and the unique Lake Baikal for future generations.

Environmental projects

Infrastructure and urban development

Development of public infrastructure is one of the key drivers of economic growth, and it requires significant investments to meet the ever-growing demand of the population. In all regions where the Company operates, we strive to create a space for the comprehensive development and self-realisation of every resident to achieve economic and human potential capable of ensuring further development of the territories.

Infrastructure and urban development


En+ Group dedicates significant effort to the development of educational programs, particularly those aimed at training future engineers and technicians matching the needs of our business, industry and local community development. We strive to arouse the interest of students in engineering professions, creating conditions for each child to have equal access to quality education.


Corporate volunteering is an important tool ensuring the Company remains engaged with employees and locals and establishes sustainable relations with both communities and the government. The Company’s volunteering initiative brings together a wide variety of people, including production facility employees, schoolchildren, students, and representatives of social and educational institutions. To create the greatest impact, the Company has been developing programs and technologies allowing residents to more easily engage in volunteering activities.

Сultural development

En+ actively promotes the development of culture and the arts in the regions where they operate and support cultural and artistic projects. In this regard, they cooperate with the country's leading theatre award, the Golden Mask, organise tours of the capital's theatres as part of their own festivals, support the Baikal Dance Festival, the Jazz on Baikal Festival and other cultural events and institutions throughout the country.
Сultural development

Sports and healthy living

En+ Group supports programs to ensure healthy living and promote well-being for residents in the countries of operations. The other area of our focus is the improvement of the health care in vulnerable communities. We believe that healthy communities better perform all the functions of life and develop to their maximum potential.
Sports and healthy living


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