En+ Group is a global leader in low-carbon aluminium production and renewables


Key figures

4.2 mtpa

aluminium production capacity

15.2 GW


USD 14,648 mn

revenue in 2023

USD 2,157 mn

adjusted EBITDA
in 2023


across five continents



The nature of the Group’s assets and activities – in terms of the industries and the concentrated geographies in which we operate – delivers powerful strategic synergies and competitive strengths to our Power and Metals segments


The Group’s strategy is to achieve vertical integration and self-sufficiency across the aluminium value chain (power generation, raw materials, and finished products), maintain and grow high-margin, low-risk, low-carbon aluminium production, whilst maintaining financial strength, and growing value for all stakeholders.


Protecting Baikal:
The En+ Approach

En+ Group is proud to be the largest company operating near Baikal and seamlessly transforming its natural power into pure hydro power. The Group takes environmental protection extremely seriously and is committed to ensuring its operations have the minimal impact on the lake and its habitats.

En+ Group
Baikal programme:

  • Science-based analysis
  • Voluntary initiatives
  • Educational platforms
  • Cooperation with stakeholders

En+ leading the way to the low-carbon economy

Sustainability is core to what we do as a business. We are the world’s largest producer of low-carbon aluminium, a material central to the global drive for a low-carbon global future

Corporate governance

The Company is committed to the highest international standards of corporate governance. The Group plans to continue improving in this area and adhering to internationally-recognised standards of corporate governance, transparency, disclosure, and accountability applicable to listed companies. We recognise that robust corporate governance is crucial for the long-term success of our Company.

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