Collaboration and Partnerships

Our collaboration and partnerships look both outward towards international stakeholders and seek to address urgent sustainability issues on national and regional levels. Together with sustainability leaders and leaders of our respective industries, we come together to discuss, share, and develop the latest progress in sustainable development.

Our partnerships span the following areas of focus:


Recognising that global change cannot come from one actor alone, En+ Group unites with the industry and like-minded peers to advocate for a shift of the entire market towards a green economy.

Transparency and Certification

En+ Group supports the notion that emission transparency is the first stage towards increased climate commitments. We disclose our own emissions and promote industry-wide transparency and disclosure.

Energy Transition

As the world’s largest independent hydropower producer, En+ Group places the energy transition at the core of its values. We believe the future green economy will be shaped by the energy transition and will depend on renewable energy sources. Through energy-focused partnerships, we aim to increase exposure around the future possibilities surrounding renewable energy.


Operating among the hard-to-abate sectors, En+ Group is aware of the impact that industrial sectors are having on the climate. Therefore, we believe it is essential to reduce our GHG emissions to ensure contribution to the global efforts to mitigate climate change and align with the 1.5°C scenario.

Examples of our key partnerships and voluntary initiatives can be found in the Partnerships section of our website.



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