Environmental Stewardship

Our main hydropower production facilities are located in Siberia. Almost two thirds of their energy production depend on the water flow of the Angara, the sole river flowing out from Lake Baikal – the world’s oldest, largest and deepest freshwater lake. Being reliant on the lake, we recognize we have a responsibility to create partnerships and coalitions to protect Baikal and its unique biodiversity, as well as our other regions of operation. These partnership initiatives, combined with our commitment to reduce our impact on water resources and cut levels of waste, comprise our broader Environmental Stewardship Programme contributing to UN SDGs 6, 12 and 15.


By 2030, eliminate untreated wastewater discharge generated by the Power segment

By 2030, minimise non-production water losses through technological optimisation

By 2024, develop programmes and action plans for biodiversity conservation for pilot facilities (for three existing operational facilities in each segment)

By 2030, develop programmes and action plans for biodiversity conservation for the Group’s facilities with significant biodiversity risks

En+ programmes


Ecological Monitoring of ‘Krasnoyarsk Stolby’ National Park

In cooperation with the Krasnoyarsk ‘Stolby’ National Park, the Company has been monitoring the technogenic impact on natural complexes of protected areas.


Reclamation, Reuse and Repurpose of Bauxite Residue

At our alumina refinery at Aughinish we have developed an industry-leading approach to the management and land rehabilitation of `bauxite residue disposal areas’.


360’ campaign

Initially launched in 2011, Project 360 focuses on the regions where En+ Group has operations and in recent years has developed new volunteering formats: waste collection, tree planting, and construction of tourist facilities.


Biodiversity Conservation programme

Installing bird-protecting devices

En+ installs bird-protecting devices to prevent the death of birds from contacting power lines and deterring them from landing on power line pylons and minimise the risks of outages and reduce the number of short-circuits on lines caused by birds.

Assessing the impact of HPP operation on aquatic bioresources

In 2022, a comprehensive assessment of the impact of the operation of the Angara cascade HPPs on the state of aquatic biological resources in the areas of their impact was carried out in two stages.

Advanced methods to use ash and slag waste

The Company develops and implements advanced methods of ash and slag waste management and takes measures aimed at improving its waste management system.


Environmental Projects Grant Competition

Launched in 2020, our Ecological Grants Programme is designed to boost community sustainability initiatives. 


Environmental monitoring of Lake Baikal

Since 2019, En+ Group has been supporting an independent scientific expedition for environmental monitoring of Lake Baikal.


Ensuring the Welfare of the River Vym

Planning is underway for the modernisation of sewage treatment processes at En+ HPPs.


Sewage treatment

Planning is underway for the modernisation of sewage treatment processes at En+ Group’s HPPs. 


Green Office

In early 2022, En+ HQ switched to the separate waste collection system and completely moved away from single-use plastic cutlery. 

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