Climate Leadership

As the world’s largest producer of renewable energy from hydropower, which powers our aluminium smelters and provides a clean and affordable source of electricity to communities across Siberia, we believe we have an important role to play in driving and supporting the clean energy transition. It is in recognition of this role that our climate leadership activities are centred around two of the UN Sustainable Development Goals: SDG 7 and SDG 13. En+ ensures a strong climate focus not only within its own internal corporate structure, but on a national scale as well. En+ Group’s Chief Sustainability Officer heads the Climate working group of the national ESG Alliance, ensuring that leading companies invest in initiatives that will help shape the future national climate agenda. Initiated projects focus on transparency and creating incentives for more businesses (SMEs included) to join the efforts.

Climate goals:

Reduce emissions by at least 35% by 2035, and achieve net zero GHG emissions by 2050 ( as benchmarked against the Group’s 2018 GHG emissions).

More about the Group’s strategy and progress in achieving carbon neutrality:

Net zero

En+ continues to report its GHG emission data to the CDP and IAI. The Metal segment actively continues work on the ASI certification.

Energy goals:

Increase use of alternative energy sources by 2030 Reduce the average carbon intensity of generated and consumed electricity By improving hydropower plant efficiency, increase clean electricity generation by 2.5 TWh, from the same amount of water passing through the turbines, and prevent over 2.5 million tonnes of CO2 emissions per annum from 2025.

En+ programmes


GHG Inventory of Hydro Reservoirs

With growing stakeholder interest in low-carbon products, the demand for carbon transparency is increasing exponentially.


Green Hydrogen

En+ entered the green hydrogen market, recognising that hydrogen will grow to be at the centre of the future energy systems. 


En+ Climate Change Taskforce

To manage our pathway to net zero, the En+ Climate Change Taskforce was established to drive the transformation.


Green Million

Russia is home to 21 % of the world’s forests, where the composition of the soil and marshes makes these forests up to seven times more efficient than rainforests at binding carbon emissions.


Wind Power


HPP adaptation to climate change


Re-shaping the renewable energy certificates market


‘Clean Air’ Federal Ecology Project

Our Krasnoyarsk, Bratsk and Novokuznetsk aluminium smelters, as well as our Bratsk CHP take part in the Federal Ecology Project on reducing pollution levels.


New Energy Programme

The wide-scale modernisation of our largest HPPs is on track to generate at least 2.5 TWh more electricity from the same amount of water passing through our turbines, relative to the 2007 baseline. 


Advancing Solar Energy

Since 2016, the Group has been engaged in the ‘Perovskite Solar Module Development’ project in cooperation with the Faculty of Materials Science of Moscow State University (MSU).


Unique inert anode technology

Inert anode technology makes it possible to replace classic carbon anodes with inert non-consumable materials – ceramics or alloys. 


ALLOW – Premier choice for decarbonisation

ALLOW is RUSAL’s proprietary low-carbon aluminium brand that offers customers futureproof advantages. ALLOW comes from smelters powered by more than 95% low carbon energy.

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