The new power transformer has been delivered to Krasnoyarskaya HPP

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january, 2024

Specialists from Russian power and metals holding En+ (MOEX: ENPG; LSE: ENPL), a leading global producer of low-carbon aluminium and renewable energy, delivered a new generation three-phase block transformer to Krasnoyarskaya HPP as part of the New Energy hydropower plant modernisation programme.

The transformer has a capacity of 630 MVA and is worth about RUB 170 mln. This is the fifth transformer of this type delivered to the HPP, the sixth is scheduled for delivery in the third quarter of 2024, and the seventh in 2025. Thus, the total investment in the modernisation of transformer capacities of Krasnoyarskaya HPP will exceed RUB 1 billion.

The new unit has a mass of about 300 tonnes, its width is 3 m and height is more than 4 m. At the same time, it is more sustainable in operation, which is planned for 30 years. The transformer is equipped with a modern gas analyser and monitoring system, which allows to detect possible malfunctions and deviations in operation online. Delivery and installation of this transformer ensures greater reliability of the power plant equipment and the entire power system as a whole.

The transportation of the equipment to Krasnoyarskaya HPP was carried out in several stages and took about two weeks: first, it was transported by railway platform to Divnogorsk and then by motorway to Krasnoyarskaya HPP. The process of assembling, customising, testing and installing the new equipment will take about three months.

Vladimir Kolmogorov, Chief Operating Officer of En+, said: "En+ closely monitors the condition of the equipment at its power facilities, as the reliability of power supply to our consumers and the stability of the Siberian power system depends on it. Thanks to the New Energy programme, the company will provide the necessary reserve for the operation of our HPPs for many years to come".

The comprehensive replacement of oil-filled power transformers at Krasnoyarskaya HPP was launched in 2020 under the New Energy modernisation programme. Its main goal is to improve the reliability and quality of power supply to consumers in Siberian regions. Total amount of investments under the programme will reach RUB 26 billion by 2026.

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