En+ Group Spends More than Rub 2.3 Bln on Upgrades to Bratsk HPP Over 2 Years

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july, 2019

Bratsk, July 31, 2019 — En+ Group, a leading international vertically integrated aluminium and power producer, invested RUB 2.3 bln between 2016–2018 as part of its programme to maintain and improve the reliability of its Bratsk HPP.

The RUB 2.3 bln was spent on an ongoing programme of equipment upgrades and maintenance over the two year period. These projects included the replacement of runners, retooling of open switchgear, as well as routine maintenance aimed at preserving the power plant’s reliability and safety.

Since 2006, the Bratsk HPP has replaced 12 of 18 runners and continues to upgrade its auxiliary equipment. The replacement of runners has raised their efficiency to 95.3%. The project became a winner of the first contest of projects under the Kyoto Protocol in 2010. The runners at the six remaining hydraulic units at Bratsk HPP are scheduled for replacement between 2020–2026. The HPP is currently working with equipment manufacturers to finalise project performance indicators.

The HPP has also completed the replacement of 10 oil-filled cable lines travelling from the main transformers to the 220 kV open switchgear with a cross-linked polyethylene cable. These new cables are more reliable, have a higher capacity and deliver improved efficiency and safety. The last of the old lines are due for replacement in November 2019.

Work is underway to replace the air circuit breakers with gas-insulated equipment, and substitute the current transformers and protection kits with electromechanical relays which will increase the reliability of the station equipment. Similarly, close attention has been paid to the renovation of the plant’s hydraulic structures.

Bratsk HPP’s upgrade programme is part of the large-scale modernisation programme 'New Energy' being implemented at En+ Group’s Angara-Yenisei cascade HPPs (Ust-Ilimsk, Bratsk, Irkutsk and Krasnoyarsk HPPs). 'New Energy' is a key investment project for En+ Group’s power generating assets. One of the project’s main priorities is to improve the reliability and safety of all plants, including Bratsk HPP.

As part of the Group wide programme, four runners have already been replaced at Ust-Ilimsk HPP, all 12 hydraulic units and two runners have been replaced at Krasnoyarsk HPP, and the upgrade of Irkutsk HPP began in July 2019. The first fully upgraded hydraulic unit will be commissioned in July 2020 and the remaining three will be replaced by 2023. As a result of these upgrades, the capacity of each unit will increase from 82.8 MW to 105.7 MW. 

Through the use of modern equipment at the HPPs, En+ will raise efficiency, reduce repair costs, and improve the performance of both the units and the entire stations. As part of this programme, a comprehensive series of replacements is being carried out, encompassing both primary (hydraulic units, runners) and auxiliary equipment. The programme is due to be fully implemented by 2046. Investments will amount to RUB 21 bln by 2026, including funds already invested in the project. Additional investments by 2046, based on the current prices, amount to c. RUB 34 bln.

As a result of the HPP equipment upgrades, the total additional power generated in H1 2019 from the same volume of water amounted to 595 mln kWh. This helped reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the Group’s operations by 690,000 tonnes.

En+ Group’s Siberian HPPs are expected to increase their production of clean electricity by 2 bln kWh from 2022, while using the same volume of water passing through the plants’ turbines. This will reduce the Group's greenhouse gas emissions by 2.3 mln tonnes per year, which will have a positive impact on the environment in Siberia and globally.

Mikhail Khardikov, CEO of EuroSibEnergo, which manages En+ Group’s energy assets, commented:

“Looking ahead, once the Siberian HPPs upgrade programme is implemented, En+ Group’s HPPs will be able to achieve industry leading performance. In addition, the programme is intended to ramp up the output of clean power – and we have already seen a positive trend this year. Through the estimated savings in greenhouse gas emission, the clearly demonstrates the importance of using advanced technologies in the electricity production.”

About Bratsk HPP

Bratsk HPP is the second and the most powerful hydraulic power plant of the Angara cascade. Built in 1954–1966, it has an installed capacity of 4,500 MW. Over the course of its operation, it has generated over 1 tln kWh of electricity. It is a part of EuroSibEnergo-Hydrogeneration (manages HPP assets of En+ Group).

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