En+ Group Presents Sustainability Report to Sustainable Development Experts

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october, 2019

October 17, 2019 - EN+ GROUP IPJSC (the “Company”, “Group” or “En+ Group”), the world's leading vertically integrated producer of aluminum and electricity, has presented its first sustainability report to a round table of experts in sustainable development.

The event was attended by representatives of national and regional environmental organizations, NGOs, and social movements, as well as local and environmental authorities. The moderator was Alexei Knizhnikov, Program Manager for Environmental Business Responsibility at the World Wildlife Fund (WWF).

Alexey Knizhnikov, Head of the WWF Environmentally Responsible Business Program, said:

“Encouraging stakeholder engagement of a sustainable development report is still rare practice for large companies in Russia. This dialogue not only enhances a company’s transparency but also creates an opening for joint solutions to the problems facing business and society as we all seek to ensure sustainable development.

During the discussion, representatives of En+ Group outlined the main results of the Group's activities for 2018 and identified priority development projects for 2019. The Company's specialists answered environmentalists' questions, explained En+’s position in detail and expanded on its plans in areas key to sustainable development. The panelists outlined their recommendations for improving the sustainability report and their feedback will be reflected in the document following the Group’s results for 2019.”

Vladimir Kiryukhin, CEO of En+ Group, said:

“This year we released the first En+ Group sustainability report. The company is steadily increasing its transparency and I am convinced this disclosure will underpin our strategy for the sustainable development.

Hosting events with representatives from public organizations allows us to better target our work. That is why it is so important for us to hear the opinion of the expert community. Constructive feedback will form the basis of our updated sustainable development strategy.”

The discussion took place as part of the Shaphaev hearings, a conference dedicated to the memory of the Soviet and Russian scientist, ecologist, and public figure, Sergei Shapkhaev, one of the most famous specialists associated with Lake Baikal.

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