En+ Group Launches Emergency Response to Help People Affected by Irkutsk Flooding

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july, 2019

Moscow, July 3, 2019 - En+ Group’s emergency response to help people caught in floods in the Irkutsk region is well underway.  The flooding is currently estimated to have affected 586 of the Group’s employees working at Tulunugol, a subsidiary of Vostsibugol, which manages En+ Group’s coal assets.

En+ Group is carrying out exhaustive activity to manage the flooding and bring aid to those trapped in the area. Working around the clock with the EMERCOM of Russia, the government of the Irkutsk Region and local municipalities, En+ Group is working to contain the flooding, look after the victims and prevent further damage.

The support is being driven from flood relief headquarters established by En+ Group during the first days of the disaster in the town of Tulun, where one of the Irkutsk region’s largest coal mines is located. All information regarding the affected Tulunugol employees and their families is being centralized at the headquarters, which is responsible for evaluating damage caused by the natural disaster, running the extensive victim support programme and distributing relief equipment.

The Group is temporarily relocating those made homeless by the flooding to hotel accommodation at the Cheremkhovsky mine, which is also owned by En+ Group. Previously many were taking shelter in garages, tents and their own cars. Children have been evacuated from the disaster zone to summer camps.

En+ Group employees are delivering water for drinking and sanitation to temporary accommodation set up for those evacuated.

Tulunugol is working with local groups to ensure the appropriate security is in place to prevent looting.

The Group is also supplying the local authorities with heavy equipment to move debris in the areas of flooding and recover houses carried away by the water.

In addition, working councils from En+ Group’s energy subsidiaries have launched an initiative to raise funds for those employees affected and the Group has committed to doubling the funds raised from its own finances.

Vladimir Kiryukhin, CEO of En+ Group:

Our number one priority is the victims of this disaster and providing them with safe accommodation, as many have lost their homes and all of their belongings. We are focused on restoring power, which is essential to the ongoing rescue operations, establishing a reliable supply of water and food supply and opening up transport links. We will continue to work in close cooperation with Russia’s EMERCOM, the regional government and municipalities, and all of the volunteers involved in the operation. 

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