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In November 2019, in connection with the process pursuant to which the Company redomiciled to the Russian Federation, the Board has formally documented the Company’s dividend policy.

When determining the size of the dividends recommended to the general meeting of shareholders, the Board shall calculate the minimum dividends consisting of two parts: 100% of dividends received from RUSAL and 75% of free cash flow of the En+ Power Segment but in any event at least USD 250 mln per year.

This means that there is flexibility as two segments dividends are not interdependent and En+ Group’s Board of Directors may recommend payment of dividends even in the absence of dividends flow from RUSAL.

Dividend history

For the year Total dividend amount paid, (USD ths) The dividend per share*, (USD)
2022   Decision to pay dividend was not made
2021  Decision to pay dividend was not made
2020  Decision to pay dividend was not made
2019 Decision to pay dividend was not made
2018 Decision to pay dividend was not made
2017 394,200 Information is not provided due to the changes
in the number of shares of the Company during the year
2016 303,600 152
2015 232,000 116

* The Company does not have preferred shares.

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