North Urals Bauxite Mine (SUBR)


Results in 2019

3,000 ktpa

total capacity and utilisation rate, 78%

2,353 kt

production level

North Urals Bauxite Mine began operations in 1934, exploiting deposits underground.

In 2015, the first start-up facility of the new Cheremukhovskaya-Glubokaya mine was launched. With a depth of 1,550 m, Cheremukhovskaya-Glubokaya is the deepest mine in Russia and among the five deepest globally. The launch of the Cheremukhovskaya-Glubokaya mine has provided access to new ore deposits and enabled the company to lower its cash costs of bauxite at North Urals Bauxite Mine due to optimised technological transportation and ore production processes.

The Group’s Bogoslovsk Aluminium Smelter and Urals Aluminium Smelter are the main consumers of North Urals Bauxite Mine bauxites.

Development plans

Completing the construction of the Cheremukhovskaya-Glubokaya mine and increasing the bauxite mining capacity to 2,500 ktpa by 2020.

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