Friguia Bauxite and Alumina Complex (FBA)


Results in 2019

2,100 ktpa

total capacity and utilisation rate, 62% bauxite

1,304 ktpa

production level, bauxite

In 2002, RUSAL took over the management of FBA, which was then privatised in 2006. The proven resources of bauxites are determined to be 325,000 kt. Mining was halted in April 2012.

On 28 April 2016, RUSAL and the Republic of Guinea signed an agreement to resume operations at Friguia Bauxite and Alumina Complex. Under the agreement, the Metals segment will develop an action plan to launch the plant and then gradually increase its production capacity to 550 ktpa — 600 ktpa of alumina within 12 months.

The plant successfully resumed operation after a long-term conservation (since 2012). The first production unit was recommissioned in May 2018 and the plant reached its 50% capacity in 4Q. Its capacity recovery is planned to continue in 2019.

Development plans

The Metals segment is developing an upgrade project extending the capacity of Friguia Bauxite and Alumina Complex.

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