Casting and mechanical plant "SKAD" (SKAD)


Results in 2019

1 m

wheels per year, 96%


thousand wheels

SKAD Casting and Mechanical Plant is a manufacturer of light-alloy wheels for passenger cars. It casted its first wheels at the beginning of 2004. The SKAD plant operates a full production cycle from preparing aluminium alloy to painting, packaging, and shipping off the finished products.

Throughout its history, SKAD has received ISO 9001:2000 certification, was acknowledged as a preferred quality supplier of Ford Motor Company, and nominated as a wheel supplier to PCMA Rus and Toyota Motor Company.

In 2013, the plant completed a modernisation program and installed cutting-edge Eisenmann equipment. SKAD was acquired by the Group in 2017.

Development plans

A production capacity expansion program is continuing throughout 2019 with the aim to increase the plant’s output.

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