En + Group Achieves Even More at its "360" Environmental Campaign at Lake Baikal

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september, 2019

Irkutsk, September 9, 2019 - En+ Group, a leading vertically integrated aluminum and power producer, announces the results of its 360 ​​environmental marathon held on the shores of Lake Baikal on September 7. At this year’s successful event, 500 volunteers gathered and filled six KamAZ trucks with collected litter. For the first time, volunteers also marked out 540m of nature trails, and established three picnic areas.

The “360” environmental campaign is part of En+ Group’s comprehensive programme, first launched in 2011 to preserve Lake Baikal and the protected natural areas of Russia from adverse environmental impacts. The programme includes environmental, social, scientific, educational and awareness projects.

This year, the “360” ​​campaign was held in five locations on the northern coast of Lake Baikal. Many parts of the coast were hard to reach on foot. Litter was removed and picnic areas established near the village in the Shcheglovka valley on the banks of the Angara River, in the Shyroka and Berkhin bays. Rubbish was cleared in Buguldeyka

and a nature trail was created and in parts restored in the Bolshoi Goloustnoye.

During the campaign, six KamAZ trucks-full of garbage was collected, three picnic areas were established, 210m of new nature trails were created and 330m of existing nature trails restored. This year, for the first time separate litter picking took place in Shcheglovka and Buguldeyk, in the Irkutsk Region. A total of 1869 kg of glass, 930 kg of metal, 146 kg of plastic and 12.5 kg of plastic bottle caps were collected at two points. Volunteers also discovered some unusual items including an old pocket watch, several washing machines, television parts, a mattress, two sofas, car bumpers, a wash basin, two Ural motorcycle strollers, an iron, shoes, a coat, motorcycle helmets, a horse’s skeleton, a vacuum cleaner, boomerang and propeller. 

Volunteers joined  from far and wide, not only from the Irkutsk region, but also from Novosibirsk, Tomsk, Yakutsk, Tver, Tula, Astrakhan, Sakhalin, and Ukraine. Mikhail Khardikov, CEO of EuroSibEnergo (which manages the energy assets of En + Group) and Sergey Kuznetsov, Director of EuroSibEnergo-Hydrogeneration (which manages En+ Group’s hydropower plants), joined in with litter picking near the village in Buguldeyka. Corporate volunteers also joined from 21 federal and regional companies, as well as seven school and student groups.

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