Novokuznetsk Aluminium Smelter (NkAZ)


Results in 2019

215 ktpa

total capacity and utilisation rate, 100%

215 kt

production level

Novokuznetsk Aluminium Smelter produced its first liquid metal in 1943, becoming the very first smelter in Siberia.

NkAZ includes six electrolysis shops and one casthouse.

An overhaul was carried out on the smelter’s foundry facilities, enabling manufacture of the high-quality products in demand both in the domestic and foreign markets. In 2017, NkAZ produced 150 kt of alloys (70% of its overall output), and is capable of producing more than 300 types of metal products.

As part of modernisation plan in 2017, two RA-167 pots were installed in a trial area at the Novokuznetsk smelter.

Development plans

Transition to pre-baked anodes technology at four electrolysis shops, and to the Eco-Søderberg technology at the remaining two shops; dry gas treatment to be applied at all electrolysis cells.

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